When to Take Your Chihuahua to the Vet

3874735_sWhen to Take Your Chihuahua to the Vet

Although Chihuahuas are very smart dogs, they still cannot tell you when something is wrong or hurt or sick.  It can be tough for some to know when to take their pup to the vet.  Once you learn what is normal behavior for your dog you will be able to spot when something seems “off” which will clue you in as to whether a vet trip is imminent or not.

There are many different indicators which will tell you that something is not right with your pet.  Some of seem very mild but when combined with other symptoms could indicate a serious health issue.  It’s best not to guess about medical issues.  If you notice any of these symptoms and have a bad feeling about them, call your vet right away.

-          Lethargy

-          Disorientation

-          Weakness

-          Weight loss

-          Seizures

-          Decreased appetite

-          Vomiting

-          Diarrhea

-          Retching or straining

-          Blood in urine or stool

-          Inability to walk

-          Pale gums

-          Difficulty breathing

When the Vet is Necessary

If you make the call to go to the vet, be prepared to answer a lot of questions as best as you can.  The more accurate you can be the better treatment your pet will receive.  Lots of diseases need speedy treatment so keep a journal of when the symptoms began.

-          Where did you get your dog?

-          Do you have other pets?

-          How old is your pet?

-          Has he been sick in the past?

-          Is he currently taking any medications?

-          Are any other pets in your house ill?

-          Is your dog predominantly indoors or out?

-          What food do you feed him and how often?

-          Has he been keeping fluids down?

-          What are his symptoms?

-          Weight loss or gain?

After you address the common questions, your vet will want to know some specific things that address his eyes, ears, respiratory functions, and more.  Try to make notes of all the things that seem odd about your dog before you get to the vet.  Things like eye discharge and increased heart rate can tell a lot about the underlying problem.

Being a Chihuahua owner requires patience, attention and vigilance.  To be the best parent, pay close attention to your pet and learn to recognize signs and symptoms that something could be wrong.

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